Why choose PsyAsia for Human Resource Training or Consultancy?
Posted by Cynthia W on 27 April 2007 09:04 PM

Why our clients choose us:


  • Passion for excellence and capability to deliver tangible solutions.
  • Straightforward, honest and ethical approach coupled with excellent client service.
  • Organisational psychologists are experts in human behaviour and maximising performance at work.
  • We have been taught the priciples of human learning and apply these in our training courses.
  • Many competitors manage to put something together based on web-searches and previous experience (which may not be competent experience!).  Our training and consulting are founded in cutting-edge Science.  We are up-to-date, we attend the major conferences and both publish and review professional journals.
  • We inform HR processes in a scientific and objective manner.
  • Our psychologists are registered with professional practice boards.
  • We are bound by these boards to ensure both recency of practice and documented CPD.  We are answerable to these boards in terms of our competence and professional practice.
  • By training or consulting with APS organisational psychologists, who must undergo 6-10 years of training plus lengthy supervised experience and continued monitoring, our government, blue-chip and SME clients are assured they are receiving expert services of the highest standard.