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How do I pay for a PsyAsia course?
Posted by Cynthia W on 07 June 2006 08:17 PM

Firstly, please complete our online registration form at

Payment Methods
During the booking process (page 3), you will be provided with payment options. For most courses these are cheque, ATM and Telegraphic Transfer. 

For Singapore we also include the option of the Government's e-Vendor System.  Where choosing the Government system, please also specify in the comments box (page 3) the business unit that you wish us to invoice.  Fee and discount conditions apply to Government payments in the same way they apply to Commercial payments.  If you choose a discounted rate, the invoice must be paid within 14 days.

For Hong Kong courses, the default currency is Hong Kong Dollars. For Singapore courses the default currency is Singapore Dollars.

A particular course may also offer other currency options.  If not, the fee must be paid in the default currency.  PsyAsia must receive the total amount stated in your invoice.  So if you are paying from overseas, please ensure that you check the boxes on your telegraphic transfer application to ensure that ALL fees (both yours and our local) are paid at your end.  If you do not, your invoice will not have been settled in full!

Once you have completed the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email from us.  For many courses PsyAsia bills immediately and automatically and you will receive a pdf invoice in your email.  If you opt to receive a hard copy invoice (at the time of booking -page 4), you will also receive this within a few days. 

We do not invoice immediately for any of our partner courses (UK and Australia) as we hand your booking over to them to invoice locally - hence you will pay in local currency.  Some of our courses do not auto-invoice.  You will be informed of this in the confirmation email.  However, when the invoice is sent (usually nearer to the course date), it must be paid by the due date in order to retain your place on the course.

Rack Rates versus discounted rates
All quoted public course fees at this site have been pre-discounted to apply to payments made within 14 days of invoice. Please note that the rack rate, non-discounted course fee will apply should you require longer to pay. In such cases you should select the 30 day payment terms during course registration. If you select the 14 day terms and do not pay within 14 days, the 30 days terms will become payable plus an administration fee of 5% of the regular non-discounted fee.

Kindly note that all discounts (if any) will expire on the due date of the invoice and will not be reinstated.  Kindly ensure your invoice is paid in full before the due date!

Registration on behalf of others
If you register on behalf of somebody else, you must enter their details throughout the booking.  This is to ensure that they receive vital venue information and pre-course work (where required) before the course. Please enter the attendee's name, telephone, email etc on page 1, not yours! If you need us to email the invoice to you at a different email address, please note this in the comments section along with your name (page 3).

Thank you and we look forward to having you on our courses.