How does the one-on-one Psychometric Test Administration Training (BPS Level 1: Assistant Test User) Work?
Posted by Duty Consultant on 30 March 2012 01:48 PM

Interested clients need to pay the fee for the one-on-one training as well as the additional smaller fee for the optional BPS Level 1 Test User Assessment (this includes mailing a package to you for a test scoring exercise and then assessing this work as well as a CD recording of you running a test admin session). You need to send this package back to us in either Singapore or Hong Kong. The one-on-one sessions would last approx 2 hours each and take place over the internet in a web-meeting room. There are a total of 3 sessions.  You would see slides as our registered psychologist takes you through the course and you will be able to ask questions as and when needed. Each personal session is recorded and clients have access to it for a month so can replay it as often as they like. There is also the option of a fourth (max. 60 minute) session for no additional fee if you find that 3 sessions is not quite enough time for you to assimilate all learning! The sessions take place at a mutually convenient time/date and can be consecutive days or, for example, one day per week. The sessions must all take place within one month.

Note that one-on-one training is available to anybody, worldwide - we can agree a mutually convenient time for the sessions. The sessions will be conducted in English, so the only requirement is that your English skills are reasonable!

For current fees and to have any further questions answered, please contact us.

For full course details, please see our Psychometric Test Administration course page.