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Why do I need training to use Psychometric Tests such as Identity®, Apollo, Quest Profiler® or Aptitude Tests?
Posted by Cynthia W on 05 March 2009 07:34 PM

There are many businesses out there offering what they call psychometric tests.  A number of these are quite frankly cowboys who have entered what they believe to be a lucrative testing market!  Well designed psychometric tests have a complex backend to them!  It is not enough to simply look at a report and use that in the decision-making process.  It is important to understand the theory behind the test, how it was designed, how to assess for its reliability and validity, how you may impact upon the test's reliability and validity, the confidence you can have in the profile generated, whether or not you can confidently compare your candidates, whether or not you can be confident that the norm group reflects the population at large and so on!  Test providers who do not require you to undergo such training are often looking for fast sales at the expense of your understanding, the potential of poor decisions based on test results which cannot be trusted and of course, threaten the reputation of both yourself and your organisation.

Note that in the UK, all reputable test publishers require that their users undergo training to the British Psychological Society's Competence Standards.  PsyAsia stands for these same principles in Asia.  For details of all of our psychometric test accreditation courses, please click here

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