Why is the Stress Management Course 2 Days Duration?
Posted by Graham T on 22 December 2005 09:22 PM

This question is frequently asked given that many Stress Management Courses are presented over just one day. PsyAsia is aware of the need to reduce the amount of time that course attendees spend outside of their workplace. At the same time, our experienced psychologist-facilitator, who also holds a diploma specifically in Stress Management Training, wishes to provide as many tools as possible to assist in the affective management of stress at work. It is our belief that within our current course syllabus, a one-day course would be too rushed. Those who have been on our two-day course endorse this and our feedback suggests that our delegates are extemely impressed and satisfied with our extensive content. This said, we can and do provide one-day courses on an in-house basis and we discuss the necessary content in depth with the organisation prior to running such a shortened course.