Copying of material from PsyAsia or any Psychology1 Group Website
Posted by Cynthia W on 19 May 2009 11:03 PM

PsyAsia International regrets to advise that over the past months we have noticed a surge in competitor activity at our website. Subsequently we have noticed our material appearing on competitor sites. We have even noticed one competitor in Singapore who before they knew of us only offered HR process consulting and yet since coming on 2 of our courses and exploring our organisation more are now offering only 2 original courses and copying all others from our original ideas ! Whilst this is obviously flattering to us, a lot of what is happening is illegal. PsyAsia strictly retains all copyright and intellectual property rights to everything published at our site that we do not identify as being the copyright of one of our partners. This includes everything in our knowledgebase as well as our course content and even down to our metatags.

Please be advised that we actively monitor all IPs entering our site as well as the activity on the site and these records are logged. Should we find that our material appears at a site outside of our domains, we shall make a formal complaint to the offender's ISP and webhost under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We have done this on more than one occasion and on all occasions the offending site has been disabled by the webhost within 24 hours. Some webhosts will then refuse to rehost your site, whilst others will require that you go through a long process of not only removing the copied material, but also convincing them you will not offend again. We will also report the offender to any regulatory bodies such as Psychological Societies and so forth that they may be a member of as such action clearly goes against the ethical guidelines. Finally we reserve the right to publish the offender's name and website in a list of shame at our website.

To save everybody's time and effort...if you like our training and site content, thank you for the compliment. Please do not copy it though. Please create your own totally independent content. That is what the web is about and your clients will appreciate the effort.

For those who browse our site legally as potential clients and actual clients, you have nothing to be concerned about. The above is directed at competitors and the like who steal our ideas and material. Thank you!

Here is an example of how one "competitor" has copied our material on to their site without even asking our permission or attributing the work to us.  One has to laugh at the weird inserts "houston homes" and so on!  The idea is obviously to illegally benefit from enhanced google rankings by using our intellectual property (and even using our course titles).  You will find our copyrighted article at our blog here: This same organisation has in the past few years attempted to copy every idea of PsyAsia...not satisfied with trying to offer the same courses that we offer (but delivered by those with few qualifications and certainly no supervision), this business also copied us in issuing press releases via the portals that we have been using for years.  The difference between their releases and PsyAsia's though are that ours contain substantive information whereas theirs are simply aligned towards keyword positioning in google!

Example of illegal copying