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Apollo Personality Profile Assessment Technical Background
Apollo Personality Profile Test Technical Manual
Apollo Profile Psychometric Personality Test Interpretation Guide. The Apollo Profile is used by organisations in Singapore, Hong Kong and across Asia to compare their recruitment canddiates with excellence in sales, management and other functions.
Best Match Candidate Recruitment Personality Testing System Interpretation Guide
Best Match On-Line Candidate Filtering Psychometric Tool Guide
THE AIMS OF THIS GUIDE ARE TO: * Introduce you to the different forms of administering Identity * Provide you with an understanding of how to use the Identity Administration System
THE AIMS OF THIS GUIDE ARE TO: * Introduce you to the concept of personality assessment * Provide you with a background on what Identity measures * Explain how to use our interpreted reports
The information contained in this document is provided to enable users of the Apollo Profile system to operate autonomously. It is recommended that these Procedures and Interpreters Tips be printed and kept handy as a reference.
Important information for all British Psychological Society registered test users.