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How can I register for the course?
Posted by - NA - on 20 March 2008 11:20 AM

· Go to

· Search for or click on the course that you are interested in

· If you have already registered at our Online Learning Centre, enter your username and password

· If you have not previously registered at our Online Learning Centre, click on “create New Account” at the bottom of the right-hand column and follow all steps including checking your email for the activation link

· Once logged in to the Online Learning Center, you will be asked to confirm your details and/or desire to enroll in the course

· For free courses, simply follow the prompts

· For courses that require an enrolment key, simply enter the key you were given by your internal contact

· For courses that require payment, please follow the prompts to pay via PayPal

· Please note that PsyAsia does not have access to your credit card number or other details that you give to PayPal through their secure site. We are simply informed that the person with your email address has paid. Please therefore ensure that you give PayPal the same email address as you gave to us at our Online Learning Centre registration.