Why is PsyAsia's Psychometric Assessment at Work Course cheaper than other reputible providers?
Posted by Cynthia W on 02 February 2006 03:47 AM

PsyAsia has many years of experience in delivering this course. The experience has enabled us to be aware of subject areas that take longer for delegates to comprehend. We devote time as necessary to each area of the BPS syllabus. Some of the syllabus is not so amenable to workshop presentation and is able to be easily learned by self-study prior to or during the course. PsyAsia provides delegates with pre-course work and evening and weekend homework during the course. The end result is an intensive course that covers every aspect of the BPS syllabus, delivered professionally and competently by psychologist trainers dedicated to your success. The course is shorter in length than some alternative providers and this is reflected in the fee we charge. Furthermore, most of PsyAsia's course delegates go on to become loyal PsyAsia clients, purchasing our psychometric assessments and other solutions. PsyAsia International values this potential relationship and has taken the longer-term into account when pricing the course.