Knowledgebase: Assessment Centers
Why use an assessment/development center?
Posted by Cynthia W on 08 February 2007 09:44 PM
  •     Comprehensive evaluation
  •     Valid; better predictor
  •     Less adverse impact
  •     Training effect for raters
  •     Training effect for candidates
  •     Multiple uses
  •     More information for decision-making
  •     Participants like it (despite nerves)!

However, keep in mind the following disadvantages of assessment/development centres:

  •     Expensive
  •     Time-consuming
  •     Multiple rooms required
  •     Many assessors/observers required
  •     Training requirement for assessors/observers
  •     Exercise design and validation takes time and competence and is costly
  •     Update required when job changes
  •     Feedback must be handled well otherwise may result in motivation issues in development centres
  •     Process must be seen as fair in order to avoid image problems for the organization