Is the Introduction to Psychometric Tests Workshop really so economically priced?
Posted by on 19 March 2014 09:57 AM

Yes, we have kept the fee for Introduction to Psychometric Tests Workshop around 50% less than the fee for our 1-day public courses because of our passion to educate clients in Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia about the competent use of psychometric tests. Being Asia's independent Leader in Psychometric Test products and Training, our experienced business psychologists have designed this course for clients who don't fully understand why they need to be careful in their choice or use of psychometrics and why training is a necessity in competent test use. Moreover, our learned facilitator will also shed light on the pitfalls in psychometrics and the practices of less reputable providers of psychometric tests so that kindly are able to choose only the world's best, most validated psychometric assessments. All of this and more has been made available for delegates in an accessible and economical way.

We request that you kindly try to minimise our administrative work when contacting us about this course so that we can keep the fees as they are.