Knowledgebase: Psychometric Tests
Can I trial the test before adopting it for my organisation?
Posted by Cynthia W on 22 July 2006 05:46 AM

We are often asked by potential new clients if they may have a trial of a particular test to assist them in the decision as to whether or not to adopt or purchase it for use in their organisations.  We may from time-to-time offer a single trial of a test to top-level decision-makers in multi-national organisations. 

We limit the offer of trials because decisions to purchase psychometric tests should not be on the basis of the impression gained from taking the test!  We train all of our psychometric assessment at work course delegates (and other reputable training providers do likewise) that they must critically assess reliability and most importantly, construct and criterion-related validity of tests when evaluating them for purchase.  This information is to be found in the publisher's test manuals.  We usually would not work with people who have not been trained to this standard.  However, there are times when the untrained client wishes to use our own psychologists for the assessment.  In these cases, we need to ask the client to trust our professional ethics and experience in choosing the most suitable test for a given situation.