Knowledgebase: Psychometric Tests
I am already qualified to Level 1+2: Ability Test User + Personality Test User Standard; do I need further conversion training to use PsyAsia's tests?
Posted by Cynthia W on 12 April 2006 07:23 PM

You will need to undertake a short one-day course to use the Apollo Profile*.  You may use Identity & Quest Profiler® without further training provided you purchase the technical manual and undertake to read it and the free user guide completely before using the test.  You do not need any further training to purchase the Psychometric Portal aptitude tests.

*Alternatively for Apollo, you may read the technical manual and interpretation guide and then sit an accreditation exam if you already hold BPS Level 2: Personality.

Above is only applicable to those who hold BPS Level 2: Personality. Please see our test accreditation pages for details of training required by those not holding Level 2: Personality.