After submitting my BPS Level 2: Personality follow-up work, when can I expect to hear back from PsyAsia about my status?
Posted by Cynthia W on 06 January 2009 04:21 PM

PsyAsia's first priority is to mark the work and this usually happens within 30 days of receipt provided you meet the deadline.  Once we have marked your work, brief feedback comments are given to our administrative staff to input into our system and send to you via email.  This usually happens within 4 weeks of the submission deadline.  If you have passed, we will send your details to the BPS and they will contact you to invoice you for their certificate. If, on the other hand, further work is required you will be notified asap.  Please do not contact us about your status outside of these timescales in order that we can keep our administrative work low and continue to pass this on to delegates in great value for money course fees!

Kindly note the above timescales will be adjusted by 1 or 2 weeks where deadlines occur around holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year etc. or where you or a number of delegates in one batch submitted their work late. For delegates who miss the deadline, a late fee is charged. We do not guarantee marking times for those who miss deadlines - we endevour to mark late work as soon as our diary allows.

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