Fees for Late Level 2: Personality Follow-Up Work
Posted by Cynthia W on 02 January 2009 02:59 PM

If you do not meet the deadline for your Level 2: Personality follow-up work, you may be required to pay a fee to extend the deadline ONCE.  The person who marks your work would already have set aside 1-2 days to mark the work of your course batch.  The days set aside are typically the day of the deadline plus the next day.  Hence if you miss this, the marker needs to reorganise his schedule and take more time out to mark your late work.  That's why there is an additional fee.  The fee for late submission of your portfolio of work is equivalent to US$300.  You will need to insert a cheque for this amount with your late submission or you may pay online via credit card.  Note that the fee entitles you to a ONE MONTH extension.  Your work will become due on the same day that your course ended, but now two months after the course.  So, if your course finished on 3 October, your late submission will become due on 3 December at 12 noon.  If you subsequently fail to meet this deadline, we will usually ask you to repeat the course (at the current fee minus 30%).  This is because we need to be sure that when we sign you off as competent, you are currently competent.  If your work is more than 2 months late, it is some time since you undertook your original course and practical assessments and we cannot be certain that you are currently competent!