Why choose PsyAsia International for the Psychometric Assessment at Work / BPS Level 1 & 2 Test User Course?
Posted by Cynthia W on 02 February 2006 04:02 AM

Register for training facilitated by overseas facilitators, managed by copycat "training resellers" in Asia... or register with Asia's first and longest established "psychologist-run" local provider of Psychometric Assessment and BPS Level A & B / BPS Level 1 & 2 Training?  With us, you will receive an extensive list of impressive additional benefits which include free online learning, free webinars, access to psychologist experts during the Asian business day and more!!!  PsyAsia International is Asia's leader in Psychometric Test Services - we have been at the forefront, whilst others copy what we do.  Learn from the Leader!!

Why choose us - Asia's most trusted and local name in Psychometric Test Training...

A British Psychological Society certification course that an overseas facilitator tried to arrange in Singapore was postponed due to low numbers.  This was their first attempt at running the course having seen PsyAsia's success! The same happened with a course in Malaysia. Whilst any training provider may have to postpone courses for this reason, PsyAsia is less likely to do so than an overseas facilitator as we do not need to travel and pay for hotels.  Hence we can still run training with just a few delegates.  How inconvenient to register, get time off work and then be told the course has been postponed for 3 months?!  What if it gets postponed again and again?  What if you choose to do Level 1 now and Level 2 later - will you ever get Level 2??!!  We've been running this course for 18 years and postponed it just twice in that time!

Sometimes we run courses in Hong Kong (in addition to our regular Singapore courses), delegates may choose to join any days of the course in either of these locations.  This gives excellent flexibility if for example you cannot attend all of a course in your nearest centre as a result of work requirements.  There is no additional fee for this option, but you do need to contact us BEFORE booking your place to advise on your preferences.

We were the first to offer a regular BPS Level A and B training course (now Level 1 & 2) in Singapore and Hong Kong - a non-psychologist competitor who has attempted to copy everything that PsyAsia does later tried to copy us (their course was cancelled!) but they need to ship in the facilitator from overseas making them a middle-man or training reseller and subject to the problems noted above!  Overseas facilitators often lack local knowledge and sensitivity and your post-course work needs to be shipped back to them for marking. This incurs additional costs and significant delays! PsyAsia is able to sign you off for your Level 1 & Level 2 Ability Test User certificates immediately following the course and for Level 2 Personality within 10 days of the follow-up work deadline!  We have emails from delegates attesting to the fact that the provider referred to above took on average around 5-6 months and even in 2 cases more than a year to sign delegates off for the old Level B! What's more, we don't have to pay an overseas facilitator, hence your money stays in Singapore or Hong Kong, creating wealth and jobs for Singapore/Hong Kong and Singaporeans/Hong Kongers!  And there's more....the facilitator in question above has little experience of training in Singapore whereas we of course have years of experience!

Our psychologists have been trained internationally and live locally, so understand and apply worldwide best practice with local sensitivity and local knowledge.  They have a passion for Asia (that's why they live here!) and understand local laws and acts which impact psychometric test use.  Overseas-based tutors may well have a passion for their work, but not for Asia!

We limit class size to 10-12, the competitor noted above accepts up to 20 registrants!  Smaller class size = better learning from more facilitator attention and less chance for delegates to feel overwhelmed.

We stay current by attending the major conferences in this area - we attend the Australian Psychological Society IOP Conference which runs every two years.  We also attend the US, SIOP conference every year (and review papers for that conference).  Notably we don't see the competitor's noted above at these important events! 

PsyAsia's course is run by a Doctor of Psychology who studied psychometric testing and personality/performance at work in Asia for his PhD.  His research has been published in numerous international journals and book chapters. As a joint resident of Singapore and Hong Kong he has immense knowledge regarding local employment practices in both government and private organisations, and the use of psychometric tests in Asia, in addition to a profound understanding of Asian culture.  The facilitator is a fully Registered Psychologist, a Chartered Scientist and recipient of an award from the British Psychological Society for Scientific Contribution to Occupational Psychology.  He is a supervisor for Intern Psychologists from Australian and local universities and a reviewer for the International Journal of Personality and Individual Differences and the SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology) conference.  In addition to running the Level 1 & 2 training, he is accredited to run conversion courses for the Apollo Profile, the Identity Questionnaire and the Quest Profiler® - demonstrating a broad range of test competence.  Finally, he was previously a lecturer in MBA/MSc HRM for the University of Leicester (UK) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and continues to teach at Masters level as a visiting lecturer for various universities in Asia.  We are confident that there is no better qualified facilitator for this course in Asia!

We provide excellent and multiple full course manuals along with engaging  workbooks and a detailed test manual for the world's most comprehensive personality questionnaire!

During the course, the "competitor" noted above focuses on a questionnaire that was not designed with the Asian market in mind.  It contains questions that include colloquialisms that are often difficult for Asians to understand.  For example "I find it easy to let my hair down".  Cutting-edge tests such as those we use in our training have an international focus and do not contain such questions.  Furthermore, recent research has shown that the competitor's test has lower validity than other tests on the market. When choosing a training provider, do ensure you choose one whose test you will be able to use afterwards in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc!!

There are no exams.  Other BPS Level 1 & 2 Test User courses require exam completion - ours does not!

We were the first in Asia to offer online psychometric assessment training.  All delegates will be able to access our online training modules to assist them assimilate their new knowledge. Those who register for our face-to-face training will, immediately after payment, receive log-in details to our online learning center and be able to access the pre-course work, delegate forums, live chat with other delegates, view previous delegate interactions and may be invited to (optional) live online introductory sessions with the facilitator and their intake group!  In addition to this, face-to-face delegates will receive full complimentary access to the entire course presentation videos. This means that in effect you can view the entire course before you even meet the facilitator. Alternatively, you can use this facility to consolidate your learning each day of the course.

For continued professional development in psychometric testing, PsyAsia runs webinars throughout the year. Many of these are free. Where they do incur a fee, we offer a 50% discount to anybody who has purchased anything from us in the previous month

We are not a test publisher.  We can therefore offer unbiased training.  Our unbiased training gives you exposure to a range of psychometric tests including those of our competitors (i.e., 16PF, HPI, 15FQ+, MBTI, Identity, Saville Consulting Wave, the Apollo Profile and more). In addition we pinpoint some of the very poor tests on the market and show you where they are going wrong!

You receive exposure to a number of internet-based testing systems, not just one!

You get a Free online psychometric testing account following successful course completion and 5 credits to get you started.

We will accredit you in at least 2 (and optionally 3) personality assessments (most training providers including our competitors in the UK will provide accreditation in only 1 personality assessment).

You will receive 3 Question booklets, 5 Answer sheets, as well as the 5 complimentary Identity Credits. Moreover, you will receive your personality assessment reports for the personality assessments in which you were accredited.

You will receive 30% discount for all Identity credits and materials purchased within one month of your certification.

We have had Excellent course reviews over the years with an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 - all visible at our website.

We offer Excellent training facilities.  For example, most Singapore BPS Level 1 and 2 Courses run at the 5-star Grand Park Hotel at City Hall and include day-long refreshments and full buffet lunch.

We offer the possibility for attendees who excel in the course to sell our tests in the future!

After you qualify, follow-up support comes from registered psychologists who are experts in psychometric assessment and personality psychology and based in Asia.  Your queries and concerns are addressed within hours during the Asian business day!  We offer email support via a rapid response ticket system (response policy is 2-3 hours), full telephone support and all day LIVE CHAT support via our website.

We offer special group-rates and in-house courses.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.  The course facilitator will be happy to speak with you/call you back during your time - Asian business hours!  We look forward to welcoming you on our course and thank you for choosing Asia's most trusted and local name in Psychometric Test Training.

A selection of delegate reviews

"The course was indeed an eye opener for me. There's so much to learn and I must add that Dr. Graham is indeed excellent. He is very concerned and helpful, ensuring high standards of understanding, even if he has to spend extra time and effort. Indeed, fortunate to have attended."

Madhu Sharma
Independent Consultant & Trainer

"Intensive, Informative, Life-changing, Brilliant."

Sam Mothibi
General Manager
Exelco Nv. (Botswana)

"A+ Instruction on a well structured course. A must for any consultant in the recruitment/search industry!"

Principal Consultant

"We have attended other psychometric test courses since the PsyAsia one. Having attended these, we know how thorough and exceptional the PsyAsia training was."

Student Affairs Officer
Institute of Vocational Education (Hong Kong)

"Well covered in terms of breadth & depth. Sufficient exercises and course work to reinforce understanding."

Consultant (Leadership Consulting)
Hewitt Associates (Malaysia)

"Very informative and excellent presentation by tutor."

Theseus Leung
Senior Counsellor
City University of Hong Kong

"Provided excellent knowledge, also very practical and good sharing among participants. "

Tsui Po Yung
Senior Instructor
Chinese University of Hong Kong

"A high standard of training yet value for money."

Pang Peow Yeong
MINDEF (Singapore)

"It is a course worth attending for anyone who wants to know all about psychometric test administration and evaluation. It was well conceptualised and presented in an extremely professional way."

Austin Aloysius Tay
Business Development Director
Gurkha International Group (Hong Kong)

"Very useful for understanding about the essence of psychometric assessment and gaining competence in assessing psychometric tools."

Winnie Lee
Counselling Specialist
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"A very intensive but insightful course ..."

Sarah Kwok
Strategic Resourcing & Development Manager
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Hong Kong)

"Very good and relevant especially in my line of leadership assessment and development."

Hewitt Associates (Malaysia)

"Extremely practical, useful course. Great mix of theoretical information and applying its use."

Trudi Hartley
Managing Director
Labyrinth Branding (Singapore)

"Anyone who is currently using psychometric tests or would like to use psychometric tests in the future must attend. Overall, very fruitful and stimulating."

Student Counsellor
Vocational Training Council (Hong Kong)

"Well organised course. Although it is intensive and demanding, it is important to ensure the quality of the trained professional"

Eric Chan
Student Affairs Officer
Vocational Training Council (Hong Kong)

"A very rigourous but insightful time spent. Worth the 6 days!"

Praise Mok
OD Manager
Save the Children Singapore

"I learned a lot from this course which makes me feel comfortable to discuss with my clients."

Hewitt Associates (Shanghai)

"Graham is a clear and knowledgeable instructor. The course is well planned and delivered."

Project Manager
Save the Children Singapore

"A very thorough course on psychometric testing covered in 6 days."

Jovita Tambayong
Project Manager
Save the Children Singapore

"It is an intensive course of high quality standards."

Shi Min
Civil Service College (Singapore)

"Hard work required, but well worth the effort."

Kenneth Lim
MINDEF (Singapore)

"It is a very high standard training course"

Hong Kong

"It gives me a fuller understanding of comparing test scores. The feedback session was useful."

Counselor/Educational Psychologist
Ministry of Education (Singapore)

"I appreciate the high standards of training in the Level A & B course."

Cynthia Chan
Regional Manager
(Hong Kong)

"It's the real deal!"

Life & Executive Coach

"Rigorous and in-depth. Worthwhile even for psychologists who have experience."

Dorothy Teo
MINDEF (Singapore)

"It is high standard, tough but fun!"

Josephine Goh
HR Manager
Marsh & McClennan (Singapore)

"A useful course to gain a more in-depth understanding of psychometrics in applied settings."

Ho Hui Fen
Singapore Police Force

Some extracts from personal emails of thanks from our delegates to the course facilitator

"I must add that I've enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from you."

"Many thanks for a great showing and educational outing these last two weeks - I have learned much from your tutelage"

"...and thanks for last week. It was a great course."

"First, I would express my thanks to your effective & efficient lecture - the most impressive one in my life - and patience on my work..."

"...and thank you for the terrific three days. I have learned so much from you."

"Appreciate your clear and succinct teaching methods! The last 3 days have been great learning days and am looking forward to Level B."

"Thank you for everything, I personally have learnt much. Great Job!!"

"First of all, I’d like to thank you for the exam results and for an excellent course last week. I found it very informative and stimulating and I can’t recall learning so much on a training course before – or realizing how much I still have to learn."

More reviews appear on the course webpage