Assuming I pass, what can I do with my new-found knowledge and competence in psychometric testing after the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course
Posted by Cynthia W on 02 February 2006 04:00 AM

You will have a thorough understanding of the principles of psychometric assessment of personality and ability. You will comprehend the limitations of psychometric tests and be able to evaluate any test on the market. You will be able to advise your managers or clients on the effective use of tests, create a testing policy for your organisation based on current legislation and be able to choose an appropriate test for a given situation. You will most notably be competent in the administration, scoring, interpretation and feedback of psychometric assessments. Successful completion of Level 1 & 2 will enable you to apply to the British Psychological Society to be added to their Register of Qualifications in Test Use and to purchase ability, aptitude and personality tests from a large number of UK and international publishers, including (but not limited to) those distributed by PsyAsia International. You will also be able to apply for the Euro Test User Certificate.

You will be able to purchase any aptitude test seen at the PsyAsia website upon successful completion of the combined course, in addition, you will be able to purchase the Identity Personality Questionnaire.  You will be able to use the Apollo Profile after either the free accreditation course or free one-hour online training.  You will also have access to a third leading personality questionaire on the market. Thus, by attending PsyAsia's Psychometric Assessment at Work Course, you can get full accreditation in 3 personality assessments rather than only 1 personality assessment.  Other personality test providers may also allow you to use their tests immediately, whilst some will require you to undertake a short conversion course.

Over the years that PsyAsia has been running this course in Asia, our many satisfied delegates have told us how much more confident they feel when using psychometric tests either in their organisations or with their prestigious clients.  Being qualified from our course distinguishes you significantly from other users of psychometric tests who typically receive either no or very basic training from non-psychologist facilitators.

If you would like to know which personality assessment (other than Identity Personality Questionnaire & Apollo Profile) we will accredit you in during our Psychometric Assessment at Work Course, please contact us.