Knowledgebase: expressCONSULT Service
Will I be calling expressCONSULT or would they be contacting me by telephone?
Posted by Graham T on 26 March 2008 05:35 PM

The organisational psychologist will set aside a designated period of time to respond to your request by telephone if you select this option rather than the email service. The time periods are in 15 minute intervals and you can purchase a maximum of 2 hours of calling time. Similar to the email service, once the client’s request is received and processed, we will send a confirmation email to the client with 3 proposed calling times as well as an expressCONSULT™ ID. The client can choose one calling time among the three. Our psychologist will then confirm the time with the client and send them a number to call (in either Hong Kong or Singapore). As our psychologist will reserve the appointed time for the client, they should call on time or penalties may apply.